Psychological Manipulation in Feminist Frequency’s Newest Post

internalized misogyny

Psychological/Emotional manipulators are among the most sadistic people we have in our world. They are masters of lying, twisting, and forming any situation to suit their needs or wants, all the while making themselves appear to be innocent of any wrongdoing by shifting the attention onto others. For example, say a grandmother wishes to manipulate her grandchild into disliking a boy. The grandmother might lie to the child and claim that the boy did something he did not do, and then the grandmother might claim that she “tried to convince him to stop doing what he was doing, but he just wouldn’t listen.” When, in reality, the boy has done nothing wrong. But the grandmother has just convinced the child that this boy is bad and, in the same breath, cemented her place as the “good person” because she “tried to stop the bad behavior.” This is a mild example…

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Who Are The UAF Unite Against Fascism Bully Boys? Exposed


Written by Cigpapers

Photos & Captions by Watt Tyler

Video link of Unite Against Fascism handing out a gang punishment beating to a solitary Nationalist for resisting Globalisation:

The UAF are a Socialist Workers Party front group that intimidate, bully and assault People and Political Parties who speak out against Globalisation and multicultural genocide. The UAF and SWP are both Marxist organisations.

Notice the openly violent language. Also the racism in White not getting a capital letter. Notice the openly violent language of the SWP? And the racism in “white” not getting a capital letter? Also surely Marxism is against all religions by its nature.

As they bring political/racial/religious violence to the streets of Britain, they are also part of the zionist created ” clash of civilisations” agenda – most UAF supporters are too politically unaware to realise this.

THE UAF/SWP use terms like Nazi and Fascist to demonize their opponents and legitimise violence. THE UAF/SWP use terms like Nazi and Fascist to demonize their opponents and legitimise political violence.

The UAF are financed by big business, Unions, Government…

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5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

Exposing Feminism

From ;-

If you’re not the type to keep up with ugly, soul-killing political controversies, let me catch you up: A while back, hugely popular political commentator Rush Limbaugh lost a bunch of advertisers because he publicly called a college girl a slut and a prostitute after she suggested that health insurance plans should cover birth control. But he’s paid to say outrageous things. If you really want to feel all dead inside, you need to listen to what the regular folk were saying.

For instance, on crazy political message board, posters referred to the girl in the above-referenced story (Sandra Fluke) as a “Nasty, disease-ridden plodding uterus, an utter skank crack-ho filthy whore, a prostitute slutbag juice-receptacle” and a “Sperm-burpin’ gutter slut,” and said she “… is so encrusted and used, that I had to throw out my flat-panel TV because…

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Why Third Wave Feminism and Social Justice Warriors Have Ruined Doctor Who


Doctor Who has sadly in the last 3 or so years begun to pander to third wave feminists, like many other forms of popular entertainment. This in my opinion has been to the detriment of not only the show’s quality overall but its success too.

Now I have tried to be positive with Doctor Who as it is my favourite show. I do not hate Moffat era Who in general. I praised the 11th Doctors era. I even after series 8 still tried to look at things in a fair way and wrote an article defending Moffat called “Has Steven Moffat Ruined Doctor Who” that looked at all the great things he has done for the show. Ultimately however I feel this problem of feminist pandering has gotten too big and so I have to comment on it.

Doctor Who’s History with Feminism

Feminism in general is not a problem…

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Internet Retardation – “If you hate feminism your mother hated you”

Rain Awareness

Here’s a feminist that “defends” feminism by being a complete asshole. Surprise.

Right off the bat I can’t go on without mentioning the fact that this is one of those douchebags who have that “click here to view the full post” bullshit in the WordPress reader:

I usually just ignore those posts -whatever they’re about- because well; it’s a bullshit move, but then I read: “5 Reasons People Sometimes Hate Feminists”, so I couldn’t just let it slide.

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Special Snowflake Syndrome – Feminist Says Boyfriends Are Useless

Rain Awareness

Even though she claims she knows why “boyfriends are useless” (like that made any fucking sense); all she does is talk about her boyfriend and nobody else at all. But she doesn’t give any sort of good reason regarding her claim either; she lists “He offered to pay for my drink” and “He fixed my car’s brake light” as the reasons why he’s useless, and apparently she’s still with him at the time of this writing!

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‘Social Justice’ Became a Cult – So I Left

I am Ryan Henly

zg0l6jlp8jjy I entered left wing politics halfway through 2015. I saw a lot of the issues I felt were important in society but weren’t being spoken about in the mainstream represented with nuance by left wing speakers and activists. To start I saw most had the best intentions.

However I quickly began to become extreme in my views. It was a natural reaction to seeing injustice and the passion that comes from wanting to fix it; but certainly an over reaction. Attacking the individuals that were part of supposed ‘privileged’ groups, rather than systemic issues or people of power at fault in society.

I locked myself off from opposing viewpoints and kept myself in a bubble that only made my confirmation bias strengthen. When you only see a certain selection of hand picked news articles and stories about hate crimes on your feed from a selection of ideologically similar people this tends to happen. I…

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Post-ALA Race Fatigue

This woman puts shame and stigma on people who really do have trauma and PTSD like myself who suffered 5 years of sexual abuse by my step brother. So please if you read this shit, make sure to tell this woman what harm she is doing to genuine PTSD suffers, because this is fucking disgusting.

Fuck you.

At The Intersection

I just spent the last 5 days at the American Library Association annual conference in Chicago, and I am suffering serious race fatigue.

Race fatigue is a real physical, mental, and emotional condition that people of color experience after spending a considerable amount of time dealing with the micro- and macro-aggressions that inevitably occur when in the presence of white people. The more white people, the longer the time period, the more intense the race fatigue.

My ALA Annual 2017 conference badge

I usually come back from conferences pretty exhausted anyway. I’m an introvert, an over-achiever, and an over-joiner, so I’m always faced with having to be conscious about taking breaks, saying no, and engaging in other forms of self-care. But when you combine that with 5 days of being talked at, over, and through by folks in a profession that’s 88% white…well, let’s just say I hit my…

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