One Last Look at White Privilege

Disorderly Politics

The Amazing Atheist recently replied to a video circulating around that tlly pwns n00bs on their yt privlige, yo. You should check out his reply; I think he makes some good points. But the White Privilege Explained in Five Minutes video is apparently very popular. I feel the need to add another dissenting voice to the fray here because, really, if this is what’s considered an epic laying down of the law, a flawless bit of perfectly digestible argumentation, then no wonder the left is losing so much political ground. It’s lost the ability to tell when it’s being educational and convincing and when it’s just being condescending as all get out.

So let’s get started tackling this behemoth of intellectual arguments, I guess.

Have you ever been called unprofessional for wearing your hair the way it naturally grows out of your scalp?

No. While I’m not under the impression…

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