How feminism is destroying martial arts, MMA and BJJ philosophy

Women Against Feminism UK


Equality? The danger of teaching Jiu Jitsu for some women and “just girls BJJ seminars”

A Brazilian master in BJJ once told me about no matter your color, race or gender on the mat. What does matter is what you know and show on the mat. I firmly believe in that.

You can see amazing fighters in different sizes and bodies and you should show some respect and learn from them. I don’t like the world equality. I prefer to use justice, common sense and meritocracy. I respect everyone.

First, some points and jiu jitsu history:

Helio Gracie and Carlos Gracie were men. They were small guys who created an amazing system. They did not play the victim card “That guy is stronger than myself”. So didn’t Jigoro Kano (great Judo master).

They started to teach Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Carlson Gracie (a man) started to teach Jiu Jitsu for…

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