What feminists are doing to boys’ minds- video from Sydney Boy’s High is unbelievable

The Blast!

Kids once went to school to be educated. Now the prime purpose is brainwashing, and its a problem that needs urgent repair. An unbelievable propaganda video produced by students at Sydney Boys High demonstrates just how urgent that need is.

First, its important to realise that the sad little indoctrinated dupes speaking in this video would once have been recognised as society’s future leaders. Feminists and or Marxists controlling Australia’s education system have made them detached from reality robots and therefore most likely unemployable in the real world.

Sydney Boys High School is a govt school run by The New South Wales Department of Education. More than 80% of the students enrolled have a language background other than English. The  school captain is one Hugh Bartley, and he said this-

“The video is actually part of a wider campaign running at school … to promote gender equal values within the school…

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