To the Self-Proclaimed Social Justice Warriors That Actually Do Nothing Except Make Noise on Social Media


by Anonymous ’19

Stop it. Cut it out, right now.

You are not being productive or helping any cause by sharing the nth article about a police shooting with a caption along the lines of “SEE THIS CRAP STILL HAPPENS WE NEED TO STOP THIS.” We need to stop gunning people down in the streets? What an innovative idea; I can’t believe no one else has reached that conclusion. And even if you thought of a slightly wittier, slightly more intellectual caption, what is the purpose of sharing the article? If your point is to spread the news of the incident itself to help others generally be more aware of the world and the issue, that’s fantastic. But that’s not your point, is it? If it were, your caption wouldn’t be something that conveys only “I’M SO ANGRY HEAR ME ROAR MY PEOPLE ARE HURTING.” After you post something on…

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