Who Teaches Students That Words Are Violence? – Areo Magazine

| by Malhar Mali | Last week, Ulrich Baer, a vice-provost and a professor of English at New York University, made an astonishing case against free speech in the New York Times. Baer framed the deba…

Another good article about how psychology and making everybody feel good has seeped into colleges, and with the kids being upper middle class snowflakes you can understand how they are indoctrinated into the cult.

Because they are being taught that words are violence, and that their feelings are more important than anything on earth. Colleges are teaching students how to whiny little screeching zombies, as well as teaching them to lie to get oppression points so they too can be extra special.

So now we have a culture of everyone has no right to speak to them because it might hurt their feelings, which actually oppresses people more. But they don’t give a fuck about that, or anything they are advocating for, as long as it makes them feel good, and they are special.

Please read the full article, as I may have rambled on about pure crap and missed the whole point.

Source: Who Teaches Students That Words Are Violence? – Areo Magazine


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