Social Justice and Communism: Why It’s Dangerous.

The 1984 Project

When I was younger, about 15-16, I used to think capitalism was an awful system that made the rich richer and the poor poorer. I surrounded myself with people who agreed with me and I even began thinking a communist government would be a far better improvement. God, I was dumb. When I eventually read more into capitalism and communism, I finally saw why communism was a terrible system that has a history of monumental failures that resulted in millions dead and why capitalism is the best system for our society. However, the people who I was friends with disagreed with me, saying I had been brainwashed despite showing them the evidence that changed my mind. They insisted that communism is the best way forward and all past history of it didn’t count because it was done incorrectly and they wouldn’t stop until this current system was eradicated. Their arguments…

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