Entitled little brats

Entitled little brats, telling people they are offensive.

For having a picture, of someone from different races.

Entitled little brats, who say the are triggered.

Getting upset when someone with real mental health problems, tells them they are actually being offensive.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Have you no manners?

No, of course you don’t, your an entitled little brat.

Everything is triggering they cry, as they censor you for your opinion.

Go fuck yourself you entitled little brats, swim in your tears and and get bitten by rats.

Stop using race to bait society fighting, stop getting offend when someone points the fact out.

Go cry me a river, and swim far far away. Go swim to a deserted island and be a sociopathic juvenile whiner there.

Fuck you, for your attention seeking, pretending to have a mental illness.

Writing on Tumblr that you have every kind known to man, with extra special Tumblrisms in store.

So you can getting the highest oppression score.

You want 1984, before you don’t want you feels to be hurt. God forbid that someone on twitter says something you don’t like, you’ll have jack straight away block the tweet from sight.

Grow up and be an adult, your in your twenties you should be standing on your own two feet.

And that is why you are me, a sociopathic juvenile whiner who will always be the mental age of three.



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