Does Feminism/Social Justice come in a sacred text like religious books?

I ask because feminists do not seem to want to take questions about their cult sorry movement. #SociopathicJuvenileWhiners/Feminist Logic: “It’s not our job to educate you!”

How the hell are we meant to learn about cult/religion/ideology, if we can’t ask questions?

Do you have a divine God who passes the information down to you through heavenly intervention?

Is it that sacred?

I am second wave, or an egalitarian feminist who does want equality for all. In addition, if people ask me questions about it, I am always happy to answer and give my views. Get into conversations and hear others points of views, even change my mind on some things.

Take for instance men’s issues; I never thought men had issues. I have had men in my life, mainly two, my stepbrother who sexually abused me, and sister’s ex-boyfriend who raped me. Then there were the boys at schools who bullied me, and because I reacted, they continued to bully me. Now I’m not placing all the blame on them, or myself, having my stepbrother doing that stuff to me didn’t help.

On the other hand, thinking back as much as I can, from what I remember because my childhood is kind of a blur, and I think I was disassociated with most of it if I am to be honest. Therefore, a lot of it is me basically putting little bits and pieces I can put together.

I think my schooling was very much feminized, because I remember the women teachers being unable to control the boys, however I did go to school in the 90’s when John Major was in power after Thatcher. The school I went to went downhill then, to the point where it was the worse school in my borough.

Nevertheless, there were boys who were okay, and yet they were treated like girls.

However, I digress from the topic in hand, the sacred text of Feminism. A text so sacred that no one is allowed to talk about, and if you ask questions about the patron saint of Feminism or the Patriarchy then you are shut down with their famous and most favorite saying.

Though thinking about it, how are people meant to be enlightened to the holy prophesy if they do not know whether the scripture they are reading is the right kind?

We cannot read their mind.

In addition, why is it okay for you to use provocative words, yet you get especially upset when a man or a woman outside of the realm of feminism and social justice use those words or ask why you are?

Then claim harassment when there isn’t any, and then ask your own followers to harass those you accused?

Kristie Winters, Anita Sarkeesian, Zoey Quinn, Rebecca Watson, and those kinds are the worse at this especially by the Tumblrina’s and hardcore followers.

Do they know what Double standards mean?

Kristie, you are a grown adult so why aren’t you acting like an adult?

If you want respect, then you need to earn that respect. You need to respect other’s, and others will respect you. But if you are going to be rude and spiteful over a stupid thing, because you want to gain the moral high ground, with your political agenda then you are not worthy of that respect.

So please, grow up sociopathic Juvenile Whiners/Feminists, but especially Kristie Winters and those I mentioned above.


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