The Wall of Shame

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I’m going to do this new thing where, if I find a classic blithe r-type comment on social media that exhibits pathological outgroup preferences they’re somehow proud of, with public security settings, I will screencap and post it here. I encourage you to do the same or submit to me, with a proof link (I will not link those here because I don’t want them to be harassed). They must be brief, extreme, preferably SJWs and cannot be open to misinterpretation.

If they’re sharing these on a public forum, as they put it, with pride, I don’t see how they could voice any possible objection to their opinions being spread. I may start a Wall of Pride.

I’ll start with topical Poppy comments (we recently had Remembrance Sunday) as an example.


If I put people who plainly amused me it would be faster to post all of tumblr.

Or a biography of the inner world of Claudia Boleyn. Or a…

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